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what we do and the information we provide.

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rave review #1 from Karen Rands' associate:

Confidence to trust her with my business:
The Network of Business Angels and Investors

"I started working with Karen in 2001. She has been a true student of angel investing and has been a great help to me and my organization.   Recently, Karen took over the day to day operations for my 13 year old angel investor membership organization.   I am very optimistic about the direction she will be taking The Network of Angels and Investors.   I think this ezine is a great first step for new investors that want to be a part of a sophisticated investor organization, and even provides insight to those investors who don't consider themselves "new" but want to continue their education and want to know more about the perspective and experience Karen Rands brings to the angel investor community.

Jerry Martin, Founder and Organizer
NBA&I, Network of Business Angels and Investors, www.nbai.net

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rave review #2 from Karen Rands' associate:

"I'm glad she is sharing her experience"

As an Angel Investor, I have enjoyed investigating opportunities with Karen and working with her through the funding process. Karen's approach is to find the opportunity that is right for both the investor and the company.  She then becomes a partner in this melding process to ensure success for all parties. I'm glad she is  finding a way to pass along her valuable experience to others through this online course.

Frank Koperda,
President NextGen Datacom Inc.

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rave review #3 from Karen Rands' associate:

"Wow! You’re amazing..."

With your mentoring, I feel confident to invest in start-up companies and I now have the knowledge to become a leading Angel Investor.  Thank you so very much, Karen! Your knowledge is AMAZING!"

Matt Bacak
Frontier Marketing International, LLC

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rave review #3 from Karen Rands' associate:

"Karen brings incredible insight"

I’ve known Karen since she joined the board at Accseus Centers of Atlanta.  As we work to build companies, then and now, she brings incredible insight to the funding process and wise counsel to the businesses on how to ready their companies to attract angel investment.  It is exciting to see her bring that insight and experience to the market to educate new angel investors on the funding process.

Donald Jacobs, Advisory Board
Active Capital www.activecapital.org (formerly ACE Net)

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rave review #4 from Karen Rands' sponsor and advisor:

"NBAI has become the most Active Investor Group In the Southeast"

I've been involved in Angel Investing since the early 90's.   We had an active thriving investor community in the late 90's like everyone else, everywhere else.   When many investors abandoned the early stage equity investment market for real estate or "safer" investments, Karen put together an education program and a community for investors that had the wealth to be angel investors but just weren't familiar with the wealth creation potential of angel investing.  It has been exciting to see the changes and the growth of the angel investor community here as a result.

Allen Johnson, Advisory Board
Stanford Group, Private Wealth Managers

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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is an Angel Investor?

ANSWER:   Angel Investors are the start up company’s best friend.  Some say they are called “angels” because they are an answer to the entrepreneur’s prayer for money to get their business launched.  

Angels are the financial fuel of the economy.  Before Venture Capitalists get involved, before banks will loan a company an unsecured note; Angel Investors provide the capital that fuels the entrepreneurial spirit and helps inventions become products and ideas become reality. 

 Angels are wealthy individuals who provide seed capital and growth capital to companies in start up and early stage of their company’s lifecycle.  Their capital can be offered in exchange for equity in the company or as some specialized form of debt facility.  Investing in this stage of company is the most risky, but it can also be the most rewarding.  Rewards come not just from the financial returns, but also from experiencing the purest form of capitalism…bringing value to the market by supplying a product or service to satisfy a market demand.   There is a definite sense of pride and accomplishment from being able to say you were an early investor in a block buster like MicroSoft or Starbucks,  and surprisingly, there is little regret from the early stage investors in the near misses like WebVAN and PETS.com because they got their sizeable returns.   That is how it works for the wise angel investor.

Investing or buying Private Equity of early stage companies is one of the secrets the wealthy use to create more wealth.  As Robert Kiyosaki says in his book,  Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich on page 127, “the rich invest in shares of a company when the company is still a private company”  This course will teach you how to identify and screen opportunities for early stage private equity investing so that you have potential to reap the rewards of those early investors who took the risk and invested in MicroSoft or Home Depot.

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Why is my Enrollment Free?

ANSWER:   During the last 9 months we conducted a free enrollment of our full series to validate the information and to confirm the market value.   We had over 3000 subscribers that found us through internet searches and referrals from financial planners and other investors.  We received terrific feedback  Some said they would have paid over $500 for the information 

We realize you don't have that same perspective because you haven't received the full information they have.  So we offer a free excerpt of the information so you can get a glimpse of the jewels offered in the 5 eBooks and decide you will benefit as well.  During each email, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the individual eBook or the full volume, Learn to Be an Angel Investor Volume 1.

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Why was this e-Course Developed?

ANSWER:  First, there is a great deal of information available to the entrepreneur on how to prepare their business to attract investors.  Additionally, there are advisors and education programs for wealthy individuals on how to invest in real estate or the stock market and traditional investments.  Yet, there is virtually no information available for wealthy individuals or aspiring millionaires to learn how to make wise investments in privately held companies.   Second, we repeatedly hear from the Venture Capital community that the capital markets will turn around when the Angel Investors return to the market to help start up companies get to the stage that they can begin to invest.  There is a vacuum in the market for capital for early stage companies.  We intend to develop a new generation of wiser, more diverse angel investors.   To do that we need to provide a roadmap for you to enhance your financial freedom through developing passive income from business ownership, and provide the fundamentals of how you actually evaluate and make private equity investments.

On a personal note....I have heard again and again..."I'd would have like to have put $20K into Home Depot and turned that into Millions!"   So why is that most people just dream about it and don't actually make that investment?   It is because they aren't comfortable with the process and they have a fear of the unknown.   The information in the Volume ! Learn to Be an Angel Investor eBook will put you at ease with the process and help you build confidence to review and decide and ultimately make the investment in select opportunities.

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Question: Are there any Hidden Cost involved in my Enrollment?

ANSWER:   For now, the only costs you’ll incur are as follows:  You’ve got to pay for an internet connection and email account so you can receive the e-Lessons.  And you may have to pay to attend a Private Equity Investor Forum you will be invited to at the conclusion of your e-Course.   If you are serious about creating wealth through private equity investing...the next echelon above real estate investing and stock market investing, then you will want to attend an NBA Private Equity Investor Forum or even start an angel investor group in your area.   You will get opportunities to invest in other educational materials along the way,  but there is no requirement to spend any money relating to valuable information you will get even from excerpts from the entire eBook series.

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How frequently will I receive my e-Lessons excerpts?

ANSWER:  The  eCourse excerpts will be delivered to you in an email with a link to the scheduled topic.  You will view it through your browser and have the option to read the paper online, print it or save it for reviewing at your leisure.  You will be given the option to purchase the full eBook or the full 5 book volume.   Within the eBook, you purchase there will be hotlinks to get additional information on that issue's topic so you can dig deeper if you like.   We know you may not be ready to purchase the full volume at it's  valued price, so we offer this free excerpt so you can get insight into the value in the information offered here. 

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Question: What will be the topics of the e-Course?

 ANSWER:  The eBook program covers the essential elements to wise angel investing. 

Volume I, excerpts provide free with registration

  1. What defines “angel investor” or if this is private, why is the government involved?

  2. The Investment Cycle…the first date, courtship and the marriage.

  3. The Language of Private Equity Investing.

  4. What Type of Capital, for What Kind of Firm and at What Stage of the Business Lifecycle?

  5. When is an Angel Investor really a bank?

Volume II is offered to subscribers of Volume I

  1. Risk verses Reward and the Decision Process

  2. What happens when the other rounds and VCs come in and how are VCs different from Angle Investors?

  3. Investment Criteria and The Subjective side of investing

  4. Two case studies….which would you invest in?

  5. Other types of Passive Income for Sophisticated Investors

All purchasers of the Learn to Be an Angel Investor ebook will receive the opportunity to create their investor profile and given the opportunity to join the Network of Business Angels and Investors once they have completed their training or shown they have experience with private equity investing.

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Question:  What Guarantees do you Offer? 

ANSWER:  We proudly offer the following guarantees and assurances: 

·        Your enrollment in Learn to Be an Angel Investor  book excerpt is totally free to you.  

·        Your personal information will never be Given, Sold, Traded, or in any way provided to anyone.  We will only use it to communicate about events or products that we believe will benefit you as an angel investor.

·        Occasionally, we will recommend select offerings for e-books, tele-conferences and events we think you should attend to you if we think they may compliment your learning process.

·        It at any time, you are dissatisfied with Learn to Be an Angel Investor excerpt series, or do not want any of our other offers, you may withdraw your enrollment without any obligation.  

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Question:  What Happens at the end of free excerpt issues?

 ANSWER:  During your receipt of the excerpts you will be given options to purchase each lesson or the entire Volume I of he Learn to Be an Angel Investor ebook.  The full compilation offers over 200 pages of research and real life experience of angel investors garnered from Karen Rands experience over the last 6 years working with Angel Investors.  If at the end of the free portion of the program you decide you do not want to purchase the program, one of three things will be assumed:  One, you are already experienced at private equity investing and should become a member of the Network of Business Angels and Investor.  Two, you want to be an investor in companies some day, but simply are not ready to embrace the education and apply it, therefore we will simply periodically update you to educational and income producing opportunities until you are ready to become active in the angel investing community.  Three, you are an entrepreneur eager to learn about the thought process of an angel investor, but don't know if you should purchase the ebooks....we will want to advise you through our Launch Funding Network (www.getinvestormoney.com) capital campaign process.    You can also consider purchasing a number of other books specifically selected for investors and entrepreneurs to hone their skills found at KYRMedia (www.kyrmedia.com)

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Question:  What may be sent to me in the mail?

ANSWER:  We expect to only send you information via email.  Occasionally, as we have special events, you may receive a written invitation.  Your contact information will never be sold.   We will only send you information and opportunities that are pertinent to you creating wealth and maintaining your wealth. 

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Question:  What is Five Secrets of Billionaires?

ANSWER:  During the past six years, Karen Rands has been interviewing Angel Investors.  She has learned from their insights, how they got started with angel investing, and what they think the future holds.  Her team has compiled that information into this informative, insightful and easy to read white paper that will be sent to you as part of your enrollment package.  

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Question:  How is this different from what vFinance.com, GoBigNetwork.com and 504bank.com offer?

ANSWER:  Learn to Be an Angel Investor is a multi-issue e-book designed to educate the sophisticated investor and high net-worth household about private equity investing.  Those companies,  as do many others, educate the entrepreneur about how to attract equity investors.  They claim to offer investors access to quality deal flow, but the companies are not screened and have not been validated as worthy of an investor's risk of capital.  We found that there was little to no information or services geared toward that individual wanting to learn about investing in companies while they are still private so that by owning a piece of multiple businesses, as long term ongoing revenue stream can be created.   Much as investors develop strategies for real estate investment, they can develop strategies for private equity investment that produces monthly income, mid term return on investment of 15% to 30% in 18 to 24 months,  or the long term investment that can return 5 to 10 times the original investment. 

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Question:   How much time will it take to complete this program?

ANSWER:  The five ebooks are designed to save you time.   Each lesson is 15 to 25 pages and can be easily read over coffee in the morning, at lunch or taken with you to read during the normally unproductive time between appointments or before a meeting.  Each lesson is written in a familiar, interesting style and does not seem like a textbook or financial document.   Over a thousand hours has been spent researching and gathering the information from leading authors, government reports, active investors, and media publications.  Hundreds of hours has been spent in seminars and angel investor meetings analyzing the process and understanding how successful Angel Investors evaluate and invest in opportunities. So, if you are interested in learning more about direct investing in private companies, you could spend that time yourself, or you could choose to read these short interesting lessons.  They are like the "reader digest" version of an encyclopedia of angel investing.

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There are two common characteristics of highly successful people:

  1. Highly Successful People are ACTION-ORIENTED.  This means they take action immediately when a good opportunity presents itself.

  2. Highly Successful People are EDUCATION-FOCUSED.  This means that they take it upon themselves to know everything they possibly can about their field, and they learn from many different sources.

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About The Author

Karen Rands is the founder of Kugarand Holdings.  She has lived in the Atlanta area for over 20 years.  She received her Economics Degree from Emory University and her MBA from University of Florida.   She has spent the last 4 years,  in the tough economic market, figuring out what works for the investors and the entrepreneurs and developing the curriculum necessary to educate a new generation of Angel Investors.  You get to be a part of that wave.
To further her commitment to connecting investors with qualified companies, she has launched the Launch Funding Network www.launchfn.com and taken over day to day responsibilities of the Network of Business Angels and Investors www.nbai.net.  Qualified investors will be invited to join this growing national network of high net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors committed to providing experience and capital to worthy early stage companies.   Entrepreneurs wishing to connect with angel investors should Register at www.launchfn.com and complete the online Business Assessment.   She now runs a blog for angel investors, www.myvirtualangelworld.com

For more information about the products and services offered by Kugarand Holdings, please visit our website www.kugarandholdings.com Kugarand Holdings, provides access to capital for small business

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